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Summer Exercise Ideas

Summer Exercise Ideas


Now that the summer weather is finally here, why not get out and enjoy exercising in the long summer evenings or brighter mornings. Exercising outdoors has additional health benefits to exercising indoors, and no matter the weather it is great to get outside and move your body. We have put together some summer exercise  ideas to inspire you to become more physically active this summer.

Summer Exercise Ideas

– The best piece of advice is to buddy up with a friend or family member. Committing to exercising with a friend can be both motivating and make you accountable. You will be less likely to call it off or make up an excuse when exercising with a friend than if you were by yourself. Moreover, find an exercise you enjoy. This may be taking up a sport or exercise that you used to do when you were younger or one that you always wished you had the chance to do. If you enjoy the activity you will be much more likely to do it often and gain the physical benefits from regular exercise.

– Give Yoga or Pilates a try. Yoga is both great for the mind and body. Practicing just 10-20 minutes of yoga can leave you feeling rejuvenated and is also a great workout. Pilates can be a great form of exercise for increasing strength, improving balance and posture. We have a large variety of Pilates classes here in the clinic to suit all abilities. Click on the link should you wish to find out more information.

– Bust off the bicycle and try one of the many cycling trails. Getting the family on the bikes and heading out can be an active and enjoyable day for all. have compiled some of the best cycling routes in Ireland. Check out one near you. is a great website to explore for activities ideas to do in Ireland.

– Resistance training is a hot topic this year and when better to start it than this summer. Research shows that muscle mass begins to decline in your thirties. Participating in regular resistance training will help ensure that you maintain a strong musculoskeletal structure. We offer a class called Stronger for Longer which is aimed at over 60s to improve strength, balance and general fitness levels.

– Simply go for a walk or run in your local park or neighbourhood. Walking at a fast pace where you are slightly out of breath can be great for your cardiovascular fitness. This will have additional benefits for your heart health. Jogging or running can be more strenuous but again a great way to improve your fitness levels. The first run is never easy but give it a go and you will enjoy the post-run high!

– Lastly, just try something new. Whether is it any of the above or an activity you have never tried. You may find a new passion or love for an activity. We here at Ballsbridge Physiotherapy Clinic promote an active and healthy lifestyle. There are many physical and mental health benefits to exercising regularly. If you need professional help to increase your activity levels and what exercises would best suit you, book an appointment with one of our trained physiotherapist. Call today on (01) 660 6582 or use our online booking service.

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