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Fun ways to get fit as a family

Fun ways to get fit as a family


Now with the days getting a little longer and warmer (we hope!), it’s a great opportunity to get out and get you and your family moving more. Promoting health and well-being in the family home is an important lifestyle choice. Teaching your children healthy habits with food and exercise can be a valuable lifelong lesson. The World Health Organisation recommend children to participate in a minimum of 60 minutes daily exercise and a minimum of 30 minutes for adults.

Here are some tips to help get you and your family fit and active this summer:

  • Why not start a new tradition in your family and join the ParkRun. These take place every Saturday morning in over 80 locations around Ireland. Walk, jog or run the 5k. This is a free event which is also a bonus. Children must be over the age of 4 to participate. Because Parkrun is an inclusive activity, encourage people of all ages and abilities to join in. Check out the website to find your nearest ParkRun and register your family today.
  • Make use of your local park and playgrounds. Your kids will have the opportunity to jump, swing and run about. This will help their development, co-ordination and balance.  Not only do we have a great variety of local parks, but we are also spoilt for choice of national parks, costal walks and trails and off road tracks. Why not explore some of these and see what your local area has to offer. Kids love to explore new places and what better way to do this than in the beautiful nature we have here in Ireland. Check out the website Irishtrails for more information and inspiration.
  • Rather than jumping into the car, you could walk or take the bikes or scooters. Using a commute as a way to be physically active can be a great way of fitting in some exercise. Ireland now has many cycling lanes and walking paths to make use of. Don’t let the rainy weather deter you, invest in some good waterproof jackets and encourage your kids to be active whatever the weather.

If an injury, ache or pain is stopping you or one of your family members from getting more active this summer, why not contact our clinic today to book an appointment. We cater for both children and adults. You can book today online or contact us on (01) 660 6582.


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