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Tips for Staying Hydrated in the Heat

Tips for Staying Hydrated in the Heat


The start of summer means many things, but most importantly warmer weather. While you are enjoying the summer heat, it is important to think about how the summer heat is affecting your body. The hotter weather makes it harder to stay hydrated. Dehydration is a problem all year round, but it is especially easier to become dehydrated during the summer heat. Here are some symptoms of dehydration and tips to stay hydrated during this summer heat.

Dehydration Symptoms 

  1. Headache or Light-headedness
  2. Fatigue or Sleepiness
  3. Dry Mouth or Constant Thirst
  4. Urine is Low Volume and More Yellow than Normal

Tips for Staying Hydrated

Tracking Your Daily Water Intake

Tracking your water intake is important; it allows you to know if you have not had enough. If you track the amount of water your are drinking, it will make you think about how much you are drinking and make you want to drink more.

Drinking Water Before, Throughout and After a Workout

If you are working out in the summer heat, it is important to drink water before, during and after the workout. Drinking water the night and morning before working out is to insure that your body is prepared. It is very important you drink water during and after working out because it will help replenish the water you lost.

Purchase a Water Bottle

Investing in a water bottle can be an important step in drinking more water as you will want to use your new water bottle. Similar to when you get a new outfit, you want to wear it. There are so many types of water bottles available today; get one that brings you joy and that will encourage you to use it. Reusable water bottles are also very eco-friendly. Purchasing a water bottle could be an important step in you drinking more water.

Avoid Coffee and Alcohol

Alcohol and coffee are extremely dehydrating, especially when you are out on a hot summer day. Even though you might think there is some water in them, this isn’t sufficient. If you are going to drink coffee or alcohol, make sure you mix glasses of water in. This will help you stay hydrated while drinking.

Try Flavoured Water

If you struggle to drink water, a way to make yourself drink more is to infuse it with flavour from fruit. You can put strawberries, lemons, mint, watermelon and more into your water to make it flavoured. By flavouring your water, you will stop drinking fruit juices and sodas, which are very dehydrating. You can also buy an infuser water bottle, which allows for you to infuse your water in one bottle.

Benefits of Watermelon

Watermelon and other fruits and vegetables have a high content of water in them. If you eat these fruits and vegetables, you will benefit from getting the extra water. These fruits and vegetables also have important nutrients like potassium, which will help you stay hydrated. Eating watermelon, stone fruits like peaches and mangoes, cucumbers and tomatoes is an easy way for you to gain extra hydration in the summer heat.

Regardless of your level of athleticism and the level of activity you are undertaking, we hope you understand the importance of hydration. Hydration is especially important during the summer months because it’s easier to become dehydrated in the heat. Check out our blog on The Importance of a Warm Up and Cool Down When Exercising.

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