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Common physical problems from standing at work all day

Common physical problems from standing at work all day


Leading on from last week’s blog on Common Physical Problems from Sitting at a Desk which has lots of tips on how to avoid the negative effects of having a desk based job, this week we will look at common complaints from standing all day at work.

As with any other posture or position, extended periods of standing can result in aches, pains and the body feeling tired. Standing is usually worse when you have to stand in the one spot or on a hard surface. The three most common complaints are foot, leg and back pain.

Standing still for long periods can reduced the blood flow to the legs and feet. Regular movement greats a muscle pump that helps return blood and fluid to the heart. Without this movement, blood vessels can become inflamed, swelling may appear in the feet and legs and muscles may ache.

Your back may also cause you pain from long periods of standing. Postural stress on the spine is primarily due to lack of movement or changing position frequently enough.

How to prevent these problems

Similar to last week’s blog, many of the tips crossover to this week with regards standing all day at work. With the number one tip being – Move often! Changing position regularly is what the body craves. Your next posture is the best, so transitioning from one posture to the next often allows the body to move and prevent the body from aching due to prolonged periods of one posture.

Alternate from standing to sitting often. Many office environments now have standing desks that can alternate from standing to sitting. Utilising this function in these new age desk is a great way of changing your position regularly and still being able to get your work done.

Think simple, wear comfortable and supportive shoes while standing to reduce the strain on your feet and legs. This will also have an impact further up towards your back.

Think back to some of the tips from last week which included trying to get more activity into your day by cycling, walking or running to work. Take the stairs instead of the lift and utilise your lunch break to get out for a quick walk or jog. We should all be aiming to get a minimum of 30 min of moderate intensity exercise 5 out of 7 days of the week to optimise our health.

Here at Ballsbridge Physiotherapy Clinic we aim to promote Wellness at Work and a healthy lifestyle. If you would like information on work place ergonomic assessments that we provide please contact the clinic today. Furthermore, if you have any aches or pains that you think are related to you work environment, book with one of our trained physiotherapist today. You can call (01) 660 6582 or book online by clicking on this link.


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